Featured Curriculum: Saxon Math

May 04,2012

by Karen Gallagher, CVA teacher

Saxon Math is a curriculum that teaches math concepts in small increments. Each lesson begins with a new concept and then will review previous concepts. With this type of an approach, every lesson assignment and assessment is a cumulative review of all materials that have been covered.

The benefit from this approach is that the students will always be reviewing what they have been taught. The disadvantage from this approach is that the student is not taught to a mastery level when new concepts have been taught. The result of not having the student taught to mastery level is that as the student reviews the math concepts, they may not be learning them correctly.

Due to this approach, the teacher/parent needs to make sure that the new concepts are truly understood by the student. Supplemental practice may be needed if the student is struggling with the concepts. I feel that this curriculum is suited best for the student who is a self-motivator with a teacher/parent watching closely to assess if the student is ready to continue learning new concepts.